I.T. Security

LIT is equipped to secure any IT Environment whether its your Main office, a satellite office or your home Office.  

Main Office:

Breaking it down into segments we are able to offer you the full suite or just the essentials to suite your budget. With our free onsite assessment we can quickly pick up key areas to address urgently followed by a structure plan going forward. We can manage the entire process or work hand in hand with IT department. 

LIT has identified the key areas to secure and can quickly apply any one of our security policies that are easily customized to suite our clients needs.   

Home office and remote working.

This space has evolved a lot during the last couple of years and so has the technology surrounding it. Moving to the cloud and securing the home office has never been easier and with the help of Microsoft's 6 month free trial, you can end up saving money! So contact us for more information and a free assesment!