Backups & Continuity

Offering everything from Onsite backups, Offsite backups, Backup setup & configuration, Backup Monitoring & Reporting, and Tape/Drive rotation, LIT can tailor a backup solution to fit your specific needs and pocket.  We, where possible, apply the 3,2,1 backup rule which means 3 backups in two locations with at least one of them being offsite. This way you are covered regardless of theft, Ransomware, failure or negligence.

Our Offsite backups comply with the POPPI act and use 256 bit military-grade encryption, replicated between two locations for fail-over so you can rest easy knowing your data is safe and secure.  We support Windows, MacOS, Linux, Office 365 and plugins for Exchange/Outlook/MS-SQL/MySQL/Oracle. 

Lamont Information Technology makes use of services like Office 365 or Google's G-Suite to ensure users can quickly move from device to device to continue their work.  With Microsoft offering a 6 month trial on the E1 licenses we can move you to a better service and save you money!