Office Relocation

One of the biggest challenges people face when relocating offices, is lining up all the suppliers so things get done on time.  Over the years we have built up partnerships with industry-leading companies that help us insure that service delivery is met at the highest quality.  Best of all, our business model is worked around getting volume discounts from our suppliers so there is no additional cost to you!

We can help you with any of the following services and most importantly we will bring them all together seamlessly!

  • Find you the right property
  • Moving your furniture to the new Office.
  • Interior Design & Build
  • Furniture Design, Build & Supply
  • Signage & Printing
  • Corporate connectors
  • IT Infrastructure Design & Build 
  • Internet & Failover
  • Server Room & Data Center Design & Builds 
  • Fire Suppression & Environmental Monitoring
  • IT Hardware & Software Sales & Support
  • Network Design & Cabling
  • Telephony & PBX Solutions & Installations
  • Access Control & CCTV
  • Audio & Video Conferencing 
  • Onsite & Offsite Backup solutions
  • UPS & Generator Backup Power
  • Electricals
  • And just about everything else


Reworking your Office Space and Working from Home


The world is ever-changing and its becoming clear to us that the work space is too.  Staff are getting used to working at home and the expectation of getting 8 hours out of your staff a day is moving to work completed in a day.  This comes with huge benefits like less traffic on the road resulting in less carbon omissions, and staff spending more time with their families, yet it also brings its own challenges like staff management, secure home office environments with the protection of company data as a primary focus, and what to do with all the extra space in your office.  This is where Lamont IT comes in.  We specialize in setting up secure home working spaces and help you utilize the empty space in your office by either sub-dividing and leasing it out or redesigning it to better suit the staff that have to come into the office.  If none of those options suit you we can help you relocate to a more suitable space.