Lamont Information Technology is a well-established IT solutions company that has been running since 1999 and services the Greater Gauteng Metropolitan with all IT-related services.  We specialize in providing clients with tailor-made solutions that best meet their specific needs, delivering quality service at the best price.  We are based in Randburg, Centurion and Pretoria.  

Our mission at all times is to offer clients the best solution available at very competitive prices.  Our highly-trained professional team of sales, technical, and support staff work together in establishing LAMONT INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY as the recognized leader in personalized customer service & system integration.  Understanding that down-time of any nature translates to loss of revenue means that we are constantly striving to improve call-to-response times.

It doesn't stop there though.  We believe that in order to ensure complete stability for our clients, we need to oversee every possible aspect that can influence the services that we provide, to ensure that there is no finger pointing and that our clients are functioning optimally.  To do so, we have partnered up with industry leaders to cover everything IT & Telephony-related, all your office supplies & maintenance and the design, build and relocation of your offices. This makes us a one-stop shop and allows you to do what you do best. 


Microsoft 365 is at the forefront of Lamont IT's push to standardize its offerings in a controlled and secure fashion.  Being specialists in Migrations and Integrations with Microsoft 365, we can migrate and support anything related to Microsoft 365.   

We also have years of experience with Google's version called G-Suite as well as Zimbra, and although they are not our first choice, we can easily manage and support them.

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Working from home is becoming more and more of a reality with travel costs increasing and traffic wasting our time. The problems companies have is how to get their staff working efficiently, securing their data and monitoring staff who they believe aren't working like they should. 

With the help of Microsoft 365 and our ActivTrack software we can get your staff working from home quickly and easily. We can ensure that your data is safe and that your staff are working like they should.  We cover everything from the equipment needed to the internet connection, and can support and monitor everything remotely.

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We can find you a new office,  sublet a part of your office, design and build your office, and install and manage all your IT-related services during the office move including Network and Wifi, CCTV, Server room build, Environmental monitoring, Fire suppression, Telephony, Access Control, and Internet & Video Conferencing.  So let us piece it all together while you keep your business running through the move!  

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Generally the only people that know the status of your IT infrastructure are in your IT Department itself.   It's only when disaster strikes, that you realize what has and hasn't been put in place.  Lamont IT has put together an extensive IT policy linked to a checklist that covers you from all angles.  This is helpful if you just want a second opinion or if you want a third party between you and your IT support that can oversee things from an IT perspective.  We then work hand in hand with your current IT department/IT consultants to slipstream, secure and maintain your IT infrastructure. Most of the time we end up saving you money every month, essentially making our services free. 

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User awareness training is one of the top three most important things to prevent cyber attacks on you personally or on your company.  As we find new ways to prevent cyber attacks, hackers find new ways to perform them, so users need to be constantly up-skilled on what to do and what not to do to prevent such attacks.  Lamont IT runs monthly online workshops that your staff can join to get informed on the various ways hackers are trying to get in.  We can also do onsite training which is more personal and client-specific.  We do Office 365 workshops so your staff can learn how to get the most out of  these services and how to ensure that the staff know where and how to save their data to ensure it's not lost. 

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Buying in bulk means Lamont IT can supply your office with anything you need at the same or a cheaper price as what you would get it for.   Our next day delivery service (depending on stock availability) also means your staff don't have to waste time going to shops or finding things online, so they can concentrate on doing their jobs.  In effect we become your procurement department insuring the best pricing in no time at all.  Offering anything from stationery to maintenance, you can rely on us to get it done!

We offer a free onsite audit of all your supply costs to show you how much we can save you every month.  Here are some of the products and services you can expect, but please contact us for more info and access to our online ordering system.

  • Stationery
  • Printers & Printer Cartridges
  • Grocery Items
  • Aircon Maintenance
  • Coffee Machines 
  • Toiletries 
  • Cleaning Products 
  • I.T. Software & Hardware
  • Rentals
  • Electrical Solutions

    If we don't supply it we will source it for you.



Lamont IT is more than just an IT Solutions Company.  Because of our partners in design, build and office relocation, office supplies/servicing and all things IT, we are able to take a holistic view of your entire Company's infrastructure to see where we can better performance, save costs and ensure security from a cyber and physical perspective. 

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